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Terms and conditions-legal notice

Terms and conditions – Legal notice

This website is owned by E. Schoeffler with
sole proprietorship. The website’s content and the intellectual property rights
to the website are my property. By opening and using the website, you agree to
the current terms and conditions applicable to the website. The terms and
conditions are subject to change and it is your responsibility as a visitor of
the website to keep up to date with any changes.


The content on this site may not be used
without prior written permission from E. Schoeffler.

However, you may store limited portions of
the site’s content on your computer and may also produce paper copies of such
limited portions of the content of the website, provided that it is for your
own non-commercial purpose.

Any use requires that the copyright notice
and other proprietary notices are retained.

Any use of content on this website other than
that specified above is prohibited without approval from E. Schoeffler. It is, inter
, forbidden to make all or part of the site content available to the
public through the use of the Internet.

If you wish to request approval to use the
content on this site, please contact

About linking

You are permitted to link to this website on
the following conditions: Linking should be made directly to the website and
the website must always open in a new window. Make use of so-called hypertext
links. Do not use solutions within frames. The content of the website must
always be presented in a separate window, and never in the framework of another
site. Linking must be neutral. Linking should not be done in such a way that
the contents of the site can be misunderstood or misused. The contents of the
site may not be altered.


I strive to ensure that the content on the
website is accurate and that the site should be available and free from
viruses, malware and the like.

I do not warrant, however, that the
information on this website is accurate or complete, or that the site is
available, free of viruses, malware and the like.

Use of this website is solely at your own
risk. I make no warranties and accepts no liability for any direct or indirect
damages arising from or otherwise related to the use of or inability to access
this website.

This website may contain links or references
to websites maintained by third parties. I am not responsible for the content
provided, or the processing of personal data carried out on such third-party

Governing law and dispute

The website is governed by Swedish law,
except for the rules governing the choice of law. Disputes arising shall be
settled by a Swedish general court.

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