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Code of Conduct

To participate in the forum, you need to follow our rules of ethics and code of conduct. Strive for your comments to contain as little personal data as possible. Be especially careful to avoid special categories of personal data, like personal data related to health, gender and sexual orientation.

Please help me maintain a healthy learning environment by respecting the following rules when using

Use a polite tone

  • Treat other commentators with respect
  • Do not use insulting, harassing or abusive wording
  • Debates are welcome but please debate the ideas and do not attack the commentator behind the ideas

Be respectful and sensitive to others

  • Given that eLearningbiotech is a global platform, people from different backgrounds and cultures may take part here so please remember to act in a respectful and sensitive way.
  • Be particularly respectful when discussing sensitive areas, like race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and other areas where it can be expected that others have different views.

Only post appropriate content

You are responsible for the information that you post in the forum and
that the information:

  • Does not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights
  • Does not contain pornography, violence or racial agitation
  • Is not in any other way contrary to any applicable law or regulation
  • Does not cause damage, harm or disturbance of any kind to eLearningbiotech or any third party.

You are not allowed to

  • Upload photos, video clips, sound files and weblinks unless you have received a consent in advance from the rights holder.
  • Promote, advertise or market products or organizations.
  • Spam the forum with repetitive content of any kind.

eLearningbiotech may delete posts or remove your access

Posts that violate this code of conduct may be deleted by me or made invisible to others.

Users who break these rules may be removed from the course and/or may lose access to the forum.

Deleting your account does not remove your work or
forum posts. I will supervise the forum and reserve the right to delete any
disrespectful comments and other illegal content.


Reporting abuse

Please do
not hesitate to report if you become aware of any violation or abuse of eLearningbiotech’s
services. Use the mailadress.

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