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At elearningbiotech, we believe that learning Biotechnology should be fun, affordable and efficient. Therefore, we have created "Introductory course in Biotechnology", an elearning course in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology! Check our courses in Biotechnology here

Whether you're an investor, someone working in the field of Biotechnology or someone interested in starting to study Biotechnology on an academic level, this course is for you! It consists of three parts, each with about 10 min of lecture. After each lecture, there is a quiz of 10 questions.

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I also cover the news in Biotechnology. Make sure to take a look at the blog.

"Intoductory course in Biotechnology" can also be found on Udemy at:


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I absolutely recommend I was looking for an easy way to learn concepts in Biotechnology in order to make better choices when investing in Biotech companies, and it has really helped me. 

Anna Leroux

The courses are well-taught, informative and fun!

Steve Brown


Great courses! Thank you so much for you help in understanding Biotechnology 🙂

Stina Hagström
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